Do you provide cPanel on Cloud Hosting?

Yes, we do. You can purchase cPanel when purchasing cloud hosting. If during purchase of the cloud hosting you did not select it, you may also request for the cPanel purchase by contacting us
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Are the backups free?

Yes, they come free. You can get the backups from your client area.

Do you offer backups?

Yes, we do. There are two kinds of backups we offer: snapshots and backups. Snapshots can be done...

How can I transfer or move my private hosting server?

You may do this by logging into your client area, and then creating a snapshot of the server. The...

How do I safely power cycle (reboot) my server?

Login to your private hosting server as root and execute the "poweroff" or "shutdown -h now"...

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We use server-grade Intel Hexcore processors. To view the clock speed and other details of the...