Reputation Monitoring

What is it?

SiteLock's patent-pending 360-degree scan helps you make sure your website and communications are reaching your visitors as intended in three key ways:

  • Malware blacklist monitoring: We monitor search engine and proprietary lists of sites reported as malware to make sure visitors arrive at your site, not a "Red Screen" warning from their browser or search engine.
  • E-mail spam blacklist monitoring: We compare your e-mail address, domain name, and e-mail server to industry and proprietary lists used by popular e-mail programs to identify which messages to mark as "Spam". This ensures that your e-mails reach your customers' inbox - not their spam folder.
  • SSL Scanning: If you have an SSL certificate installed on your site for data encryption, we will scan that certificate to verify that it is not expired or otherwise out-of-compliance with web browser expectations. This prevents users from seeing warnings about data security when they visit your site.

What is the impact?

Failure to keep up with and monitor any of these items can result in lost customers, abandoned visits to your website, and wasted marketing and website design efforts.

How does SiteLock protect me?

Our scanner verifies your website, e-mail, and SSL to ensure uninterrupted communication with your customers. If you ever do get included on one of these blacklists or non-compliance lists, our Expert Services team can help get you back up and running normally in a hurry.

What can I do about it?

Use a website scanning service that includes reputation management, such as SiteLock Basic, Premium or SMB.

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