CodeGuard Basic


  • The silver bullet to solve almost any website problem. Wave your magic wand and undo any website hack, crash, malware infection, bad update, or goof-up. Install CodeGuard Backup now so you’re ready for the inevitable. CodeGuard will backup your website files and database every day – automatically.
  • Comodo PositiveSSL


  • For a fast website security solution, the Comodo Positive SSL certificate is the answer for you. This domain validated (DV) certificate offers industry standard encryption at an unbelievable price. Plus, this certificate comes backed by the Comodo brand, one of the most trusted names in internet security.
  • Comodo EV SSL


  • In addition to the green address bar, this certificate features a HackerGuardian Vulnerability Scan, a free site seal free PCI scanning, free daily website scanning, a post-install health check, and the "point-to-verify" Comodo trustmark. This EV certificate offers tremendous value for your dollar.
  • Included With Every Plan

    • Browser Ubiquity
    • SSL Site Seal
    • Encryption Level
    • Top-Tier Support
    • Gain trust all-round
    • Secure certificates for better prices